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Culinary Art

Just like the Fine Arts, cooking and enjoying good food has the potential to lift up the human soul to a state of higher fulfillment. In addition to that, the food we eat directly influences the state of our health.

We believe that if our children learn to appreciate the value of good food early on, it can make a big difference for our society.

Professional chef Rainer Goerling teaches children and adolescents the basics of cooking and how to use kitchen utensils while the students prepare different delicious international dishes each week. The class covers various cooking techniques, the value of good nutrition, its effects on our health, as well as Oriental, Asian, Latin American, and European cooking styles. As a reward after the work is done, the food creations are eaten together or wrapped up and taken home.


The weekly lessons help the children and adolescents to internalize what they learn, thereby developing a desire to prepare their own food regularly. The Culinary Arts Class schedule extends over four semesters and offers:

Whether you are a beginner or already a hobby cook – all are welcome!

This class takes place once a week for 60 minutes except on school holidays. The fee is 60€ per month.

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Please feel free to contact us and book a test lesson for only 10€: