Culinary Art For Children And Teenagers

Thursdays 4:00 - 5:00 pm

Just like the Fine Arts, cooking and enjoying good food has the potential to lift up the human soul to a state of higher fulfillment. In addition to that, the food we eat directly influences the state of our health.

We believe that if our children learn to appreciate the value of good food early on, it can make a big difference for our society. We therefore teach children and adolescents the basics of cooking and how to use kitchen utensils while the students prepare different delicious international dishes each week. The class covers various cooking techniques, the value of good nutrition, its effects on our health, as well as Oriental, Asian, Latin American, and European cooking styles. As a reward after the work is done, the food creations are eaten together or wrapped up and taken home.


Would you like to dig deeper? Or maybe you dream of becoming a professional cook? Our complete training program extends over six semesters and includes topics such as:

Children learn the right handling of kitchen utensils such as knives, hot pots, and the oven in order to ensure a completely secure atmosphere. Many accidents in the kitchen happen because of a lack of methodical competence or expertise. The children (as well as their parents) are made aware of how important a balanced nutrition is for health. We explore the different methods of cooking, the effects of spices and herbs on the taste while reducing the usage of salt, and discuss the make-up of various foods as well as possibilities for using herbs and spices as medical remedies. Taking their personal nutritional needs into account, children may also express their own wishes as to what recipes will be learned.

Further topics include waste prevention and separation, because at @melody we want to contribute to a sustainable world.


Please feel free to contact us and book a test lesson for only 25€ (30€ for adults):