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Piano Lessons

On the piano, children can express their inner voice right from the start, as the keyboard allows them to begin playing immediately. Coordinating the hands becomes a challenge but early successes bring happyness. As the student progresses, phrases and melodies will be shaped on the piano like verses of a poem.

For piano lessons it is necessary to have a piano at home to spend time with regularly.

There are different piano schools. The lessons will be adapted to each person's individual needs. Students will develop their skills and learn to compose their own pieces themselves, whereby knowledge of the piano keyboard will be of great help.

Learning instruments in general and learning to play the piano in particular, as scientists confirm, aids the formation of neural connections in the brain and is a wonderful balance to everyday life.

One-to-one lessons cost 72€ per month for 30 minutes per week, 104€ for 45 minutes per week and 135€ for 60 minutes per week.

If you are interested in trial lessons, please contact us.