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An actor creates expression with his whole person – physically, emotionally, vocally, and intellectually. A play always combines several arts, for example acting (on stage), writing (the play), music (in the background) and visual arts (stage design).

Young Groups

Under the tutorship of Anoush Azizi, children aged 4-7 create puppet theater pieces together while exploring the basics of theater. The plots are developed together, the children can let their imagination run wild.

Elementary school children aged 7-9 deal with more advanced plots in which puppetry is combined with elements of acting. The children also create the stage music themselves. Rehearsing plays trains the memory, expands and strengthens the children's vocabulary and helps develop courage and self-awareness.

The result of the projects can be admired on stage.

The classes take place once a week for 45 minutes, except during school holidays. The fee is 45€ per month.

Theater Groups

Children and adolescents who want to dig deeper into the subject of drama can take part in our theater groups for older ages.

There they learn how the whole body can be used to express thoughts, feelings and emotions authentically and credibly. The classes include training in body control, language skills, and public speaking.

Through theater plays, the students explore various topics that are relevant for their respective age. In a safe environment, they encounter new, unknown situations or real-life problems and try out solutions. Immersing themselves in different roles allows young people to express their inner world without being judged, but also to walk in other people's shoes and develop a more positive self-perception.

Working together in a group of peers, while contributing to cultural life, creates the feeling of being needed and belonging to a group, which is a good preparation for later life and career.

The classes take place once a week for 60 minutes, except during school holidays. The fee is 59€ per month.

Feel free to arrange a trial lesson for 10€.